Dee (xriphertoshreds) wrote,

uuuggh. I fucking hate you. you're the most pathetic excuse for a human being i've ever met. 95% of what you do is solely to benefit yourself, and on the rare occasion you do someone else a favor, it's only to hold it against them later. everything revolves around you and nothing is ever good enough. all you can do is bitch and whine about your life and you can't even grasp that it's pretty damn good. you should be living in a total shit hole, because you're lazy, pathetic, and incapable of actual hard work. you don't deserve anything you've got, except IBS. you're blind as a fucking bat, and i wish i could literally knock some sense into you. you're the kind of person that makes me hate society in general. i can't wait until i can get away from you permanently. congratulations; you've become everything you once hated.
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