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Clerks 2 was freaking funny. I suggest you go see it. If Pirates 2 isn't out anymore by the 30th, me and Richie are gonna see Clerks 2, lol. Natalie, Jon, Nathan, and Joseph (Nathan's friend) and I went to go see it on Sunday night. Afterwards there was this Q&A thing with Kevin Smith. He's a funny guy.. haha. I wanted to ask why Dante wore a cross necklace in the new movie... he didn't in any other movies... but eh, I was too much of a pussy. Then I wanted to ask him why he was late to Comicon for Mario, 'cause he was telling me how he was like a billion hours late.


Yeah. Fuck  trying to take pictures in movie theaters. (That white-ish blob is Kevin Smith, lol)

So on Monday we pretty much slept all day. Natalie had to get up at 4am for work, and we were out till like 3am, lol. Tuesday we went to the cemetary because it was her friend Jamie's birthday.. it was depressing but not really sad. haha Natalie was all, "We should have brought her a Big Mac or something" and Jon was like, "A Big Mac?? She isn't hungry!" I guess she killed herself like 4 years ago or something. Then we just hung around.. walked to Starbucks.. fun stuff.
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